SAND continued its price growth last week

Sandbox's Analysis


1/12/20231 min read

SAND continued its price growth last week. The support of the buyers caused the breaking of an important resistance in the range of $0.47-0.48. The increase in the price of the sandbox continued to the resistance range of 0.56 to 0.59 dollars. The bullish wave was corrected by hitting this resistance. The first hit of the $0.50 support area has given a positive reaction. But this quick return has increased the possibility of the price entering the range trend. Therefore, we expect to see a short-term range trend between the current resistance and support of this currency. Another support is considered in the range of $0.47-0.48, which, if the first high does not react positively and is broken, the price decline can continue to this level. According to the upward trend line , we can expect a stronger reaction from this range.