Recent Downtrend and Potential Future Scenarios

LINK's declining performance over the last month, highlighted by breaches of pivotal support. Analysis pinpoints a key short-term resistance at $3.8, with broader market dynamics possibly pushing LINK towards the $2.7 mark.

9/9/20231 min read

Graph showcasing LINK's downward trend, breaking through support levels and approaching the crucial
Graph showcasing LINK's downward trend, breaking through support levels and approaching the crucial

Over the course of the last month, LINK has experienced a discernible decline in its market performance, primarily attributable to a notable decrease in demand. This decline became particularly evident when LINK's price broke through both dynamic and static support levels, occurring within the price range of $7. Consequently, LINK retreated to the support range that corresponds to the lower boundary of the weekly range channel.

This recent downtrend, as observed on the daily timeframe, has prompted analysts to identify a key resistance level at approximately $3.8 for the short term. The significance of this resistance level lies in its potential to influence the cryptocurrency's price trajectory. If the price of LINK approaches this critical level and elicits a negative response from the market, it could signal a continuation of the ongoing downward trend. In this scenario, we might witness a sustained descent towards the lower boundary of the aforementioned weekly range channel.

It is crucial to note that LINK's downward trajectory on the monthly timeframe adds another layer of concern. This long-term perspective underscores the possibility of a more profound correction for the cryptocurrency, especially in light of the broader market dynamics, such as expectations of a substantial correction for Bitcoin. Under these circumstances, there exists a palpable risk of LINK breaching the lower boundary of the channel and extending its descent towards the $2.9 range.

In summary, LINK's recent performance has been marked by a downward trend fueled by reduced demand, as evidenced by the breach of critical support levels. The short-term outlook hinges on the response of the price to the $3.8 resistance level, with potential further declines if negative sentiment persists. Additionally, the monthly timeframe suggests the possibility of a deeper correction, influenced by broader market trends and the potential for LINK to breach the lower boundary of the weekly range channel, possibly reaching the $2.7 range.