Pepe's NFT Royalties Spark Bullish Surge

An analysis of the recent bullish momentum of Pepe/Tether in response to the announcement about Pepe the Frog's NFT royalties. Dive into both the fundamental factors and the technical indicators guiding its upward trajectory on the 4H chart for OKX. Gain insights into potential trading strategies in this evolving market context.

10/24/20231 min read

A detailed 4H chart of Pepe/Tether, capturing the pronounced spike after the royalties news. Key tec
A detailed 4H chart of Pepe/Tether, capturing the pronounced spike after the royalties news. Key tec

Technical and Fundamental Overview:

Recently, it was announced that the Pepe the Frog character will be receiving royalties on NFTs. This fundamental news has likely contributed to the heightened interest and bullish momentum in Pepe. Such developments often play a pivotal role in influencing price direction, especially in the cryptocurrency market.

On the technical side, after the announcement, the price of Pepe/Tether experienced a significant spike, reaching a high near the 0.0000010500 mark before slightly retracing. This sharp upward movement suggests both a reaction to the news and increased buying momentum in the recent sessions.

The chart reveals a consolidation phase leading up to the spike. The moving averages further validate the momentum, with prices cruising above the SMA, indicating a bullish trend.
The Ichimoku Cloud shows the price well above the cloud, reinforcing the bullish bias. The RSI, currently at 72.59, is near the overbought territory. While this might indicate potential overbuying, assets can remain in this state during strong trends.
The MACD histogram supports the bullish narrative, as the MACD line is above the signal line.

Probable Scenario:

With the backdrop of the news on royalties and the technical setup, the most probable scenario is continued bullish sentiment with potential short-term retracements or consolidations. The news has likely added fuel to the current trend, making the asset a point of focus for many traders.


The combination of bullish technical signals and the recent news about Pepe the Frog's NFT royalties positions Pepe on a strong upward trajectory on the 4H chart for OKX. While some short-term consolidation or retracement might occur, the overall sentiment seems positive. Traders should monitor the mentioned key price levels and always employ risk management.