KCS had a nice price increase during the last week!



10/1/20220 min read

KCS had a nice price increase during the last week. After the price hit the support range of $8.85 to $8.65 and saw a positive reaction, we saw the price increase again. The resistance range of $9-$9.10 has again become support. Last week's candle of this currency is a Doji candle with a very small body, which is a good sign of the support range. This week, the new candle is above the previous candle's range, which can again be a good sign for possible price growth.

The currency trend is bullish in the 4-hour time frame, and there is potential for further price growth to the resistance of the $10 range. Also, if there is no drop in the market for the current week, its price growth can continue up to the resistance range of $10.6 to $11.20. But if the downward trend in the whole market resumes, by breaking the support of $8, the price decrease can continue to $7.6-$7. If we break the support of the rising trend line on the RSI, we can expect the trend to reverse.