Two resistance ranges!



10/1/20221 min read

DOT had a range trend over the past week. Its price has fluctuated between the two resistance support ranges considered on the chart in the past. Support is in the range of $5.8 to $6, and resistance ranges from $6.6 to $6.8. We can consider a range trend in the 4-hour time frame. Due to the strong selling pressure in the previous bearish wave, there is a possibility that the range trend will continue.

Dynamic resistance is also considered in the current range on the chart. For the trend to be bullish, both resistances must be strongly broken to the upside, so we can expect the trend to change from bearish to bullish in the 4-hour time frame. There is still no sign of buyer strength on the weekly time frame, and there is a possibility of a retest of support levels. The Ichimoku indicator on the weekly time frame shows the current support levels to be very strong. So this month, there is potential for price growth after a fake support break.