Growth potential?



8/20/20220 min read

Last week, DOGE strongly broke the resistance of the $0.070 - $0.075 range to the upside with good support from buyers. But due to the bearishness of the general trend of Dogecoin and the high slope of the main bearish wave, we again see a decrease in the price and a return to the lower support levels. For the current week, if the current range turns into resistance and the weekly candle closes below this price, there is a possibility of a further decline and a return to the main support.

There is also important support in the $0.063 - $0.065 range for Dogecoin. The price could fluctuate between this support and the current resistance this week, and with the break of either range, the price movement is expected to continue at least as wide as the range. If the mentioned support is maintained, the price growth potential will increase to the $0.10 resistance.