The last bastion of support




SAND has hit a support range at $1.13 to $1.185 over the past week as it continues its downward trend. Due to the strong selling pressure, the support strength was not enough to hold the price, and after breaking this support, we saw a further drop to the $1 range. In the past few days, the price trend of the sandbox has ranged, and the previous day, the $1 support of the sandbox was also broken due to negative news that had a negative impact on the entire market.

The price has now hit support in the $0.94 range, and if this range holds, another bearish trend is expected for the currency. But if the selling pressure increases, by breaking this support, the price can continue the downward trend to the previous floor in the range of 0.69 to 0.76 dollars. In the weekly time frame, the main support is the floor of its last rising wave, and if it is broken, the $0.61-$0.65 range will be its last support level for the medium term.