Can Shiba's price drop continue?



11/12/20221 min read

SHIB had a sharp price drop during the last week. After the price growth of 30% from the support area of ​​$0.0000100, the Shiba price also increased to the resistance of $0.0000150. But there was a powerful reaction in this area, which turned back to the lower supports. The $0.0000100 support turned into resistance again, and this time the second support level in the $0.0000090-$0.0000095 range was also temporarily broken.

As you can see, we can see a range trend on the daily time frame, and as long as the current support level is maintained, there is a possibility that the Shiba price will return to the previous resistances. It is only necessary that the price returns above the $0.0000107 range at least once in the 4-hour time frame. In this case, we can expect a trend change in the 4-hour time frame. If the selling pressure continues and the current support is broken, Shiba's decline could continue to the $0.00000730 range.

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