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Investing in intangible tokens is usually done by converting real objects or digital works such as music, visual arts, virtual lands, collections of a computer games, etc.

8/30/20220 min read

To know more about NFT tokens, you should first know what these tokens are and why they cannot be exchanged for anything. NFT, Non-Fungible Token, are a type of digital and intangible assets. Their goal is to encrypt real assets and turn them into irreplaceable assets. When you convert a tangible asset (like a painting) into an intangible token, you've effectively turned it into a digital asset that can never be removed or damaged. Moreover, these digital assets are fixed forever and they cannot be exchanged for another digital asset. Recently, buying and selling NFT is mostly in the art fields and sometimes we see, hear or read famous artists have gone to these tokens to sell their works. Investing in intangible tokens is usually done by converting real objects or digital works such as music, visual arts, virtual lands, collections of a computer games, and other similar things. One of the reasons why NFTs are so valuable is that they are limited in number. This limitation in number leads to an increase in their value. You can contact us to get Best NFT Signals.

Why do users buy NFTs?

Users and traders don't want to miss out on popular trades. They tend to engage in short-term and profitable investments. Buying and selling these tokens provides the same goals that these traders and of course the general public are pursuing. Of course, don't forget that this new form of investment is more speculative and most users are very unstable in this market. When we take a look at the best-selling NFTs, we understand that there are many reasons for buying and selling them. Users go to this market with different motives. Many investors have opened a special accounts on these tokens. The world of Metaverse is also advancing, they want to deal with this virtual world in parallel with the transaction in the token market.

NFT buying and selling markets

Among the most famous NFT markets that recently welcome many users, we can mention opensea, rarible and mintable. The platform that we have adopted in the continuation of the NFT-making tutorial is called opensea.

Training to buy NFT in the OpenSea market

To start buying process on the famous and reliable Opensea platform, it is necessary to choose your digital wallet and transfer it to the Ethereum blockchain network. To trade NFT tokens on the OpenSea platform, you need to have enough Ethereum in your digital wallet. For example, you can use the Metamask wallet for this.

Step 1: Connect the wallet Before buying and selling NFT, you need to make sure that your wallet is connected to the OpenSea platform. After connecting the wallet to your desired platform, click on your account or profile on the OpenSea website to select Metamsk as your digital wallet.

Step 2: Visit the NFT market To buy and sell NFT, you have to search for different sets of this token in the search price of your desired platform to access the available digital assets. Step 3: Complete the NFT purchase To complete buying and selling NFT, you must sure the Confirm Checkout steps. If you choose the token you want, click on the Buy Now option and evaluate all the details about it.

How to sell NFT ?

All the steps that were taken to buy non-exchangeable tokens will be used to sell them. Select the type of work or real asset you want. Then have it in formats like mp3, jpg, gif, etc. Now follow all the steps below to quickly complete the irreplaceable token sale. Step 1: Select and present NFT Enter the collection you want and choose the token. On the top and right side of the page in front of you, you will see an option called SELL. Step 2: Auction the NFT To buy and sell these tokens professionally, you must know how to auction well. Of course, don't forget that any platform can charge as much as they set. For example, the platform we are considering (OpenSea) takes about 2.5% of every sale. Third step: address Click on the Contract Address option to reach the Etherscan page. On this page, copy the address and go back to the section related to your wallet. On the wallet page, click on the Import Tokens option and select the Custom Token option. Now you have to paste the address you copied from the Etherscan page at the same price.